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A swimming pool fit for your lifestyle


Whatever your luxury aesthetic, from minimalist to opulent, designing a pool is your opportunity to build from your mind, to exercise your creativity and create what is essentially your very own watery work of art.

In essence we build you a large watertight container put water in it warm it up and filter it! But there is much more to it than that. Who uses it and for what purpose will determine the shape and size and what to put in and around your swimming pool.


Pools for Fitness and well-being

Whether a professional swimmer or a desire to keep fit tell us what you want and we'll make sure your pool is fit for your purpose. From fast jets you can swim against to a built in spa, a sauna . . . even an outdoor cedar sauna, perhaps a steam room, incorporate a copper tub or build your own rhassoul! There are plenty of options. The health benefits of wild water swimming are becoming better known so to mimic at least part of the experience you don't even have to heat your pool!

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pools for play

Children just want to play, so do adults! Pools attract children so you'll want them to enjoy the space safely and energetically. Incorporate plenty of play aids, fun additions like water chutes, waterfalls, or jets.




pools for entertaining

Create the right ambience and feeling of well-being for those languid summer evenings and entertaining friends and family.

Clean elegant lines, quality natural stone, adding water features and lighting create different zones in and around your pool, personal twists complete the aesthetic.

Consider incorporating a moving floor, a versatile solution to creating more space.


Caring for the environment

We only use products and systems that have high eco ratings



We fit the most advanced swimming pool cartridge filters available which reduces the amount of pool water wastage down to about 30 litres per week whilst also improving water quality. Traditional sand filters however, require regular backwashing to keep them clean and unrestricted, typically losing 300 litres of heated and filtered water per week.
Consider using harvested rainwater in the first instance to fill your pool, and fitting an efficient pool cover will further reduce the impact on resources. Proper maintenance reduces waste so we also install systems that reduce time spent on maintenance.

Energy saving   

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We use:

Pool insulation to the highest standard

Condensing boilers that are 94% A rated energy efficient;  as opposed to conventional pool boilers at 60-80% efficiency

Variable speed filtration pumps - by halving the speed of your pump while your pool is not in use we reduce your electricity consumption by up to 80%. There is also a better exchange of heat from your heat exchanger to the pool water at lower pump speeds

Heat pumps literally squeeze the heat out of the surrounding air and transfer it into your pool. During the summer months for every 1 unit of electricity you put into the pump you get 5 units of heating back

Premium LED lighting has a 25w output, equal to traditional 300w halogen output.

Solar panels and other products offer further savings too.



We use natural and recycled/recyclable products where possible

Stainless steel looks great and is a wonderful example of a sustainable product, it is 100% recyclable with a long life and even helps to purify water

We ensure all our timber on site is from FSC/PEFC sustainable sources

All of our cardboard packaging is recycled.


We advocate the use of low chemical systems such as ozone and UV which are kinder to the bather and the environment while being cheaper and easier to administer.


Your pool is a solid structure that with proper care and maintenance will be your oasis for many years and you may use it for different purposes over those years. We are happy to talk to you about building in future capacity even if you don’t want to make use of those extras now. You can also change the aesthetic to suit - easily change/update the decor such as adding water features and replacing tiling.


Client Brief: contemporary design, energy efficient and suitable for all the family – fitness fun and entertaining
Who lives here: A young family
Location: Surrey
Budget 100-150k (2015)

Houzz 1.JPG

The Project - to create a secluded family space out of view from the drive to the house.

It meant moving the car parking area.

Houzz 2.JPG

We were lucky in this instance, the weather stayed dry and there were no underground streams as there had been at a neighbour's house.

Houzz 3.JPG

Our shells are reinforced with a double layer of steel mesh and are formed using the process of shotcrete to a thickness of 200mm, we also insulate all of our shells to a level exceeding industry standards.

Houzz 5.JPG

Our pools are built to last and withstand ground heave/subsidence.

Houzz 6.JPG

We work with skilled teams of contractors and suppliers, great people who take pride in their work and specialise in their trade.

Houzz 8.JPG

We used stainless steel fittings throughout. Recycled and recyclable, stainless steel creates a great aesthetic and complements the LED lighting system.

CHK Filtration.JPG

The purpose built plant-room houses an ultra efficient boiler which uses a variable speed pump, this together with the filtration system ensures savings in energy, water and time. This pool uses an ozonator which keeps sanitising chemicals down to a minimum; ensuring those with sensitive skin can enjoy pool life too.

Houzz 9 (2).jpg

Finally, to maintain heat and help keep this pool clean we installed an automatic pool cover.


Bespoke Italian porcelain tiles and creative sculptural planting elevate this pool to a glamorous elegant outside space.