About Aquaspheric

For more than 20 years Aquaspheric has been designing and fitting high-end swimming pools in and around the South East of the UK.

Simon’s family has been fitting swimming pools since the 1970s. “The market was in its infancy when my father started,” he says. “When he died, a decade ago, I decided to concentrate on luxury, bespoke projects.  It’s what I am passionate about.”

Based in Kent and active around the south-east of England, Aquaspheric works closely with clients to understand exactly what they want from their pool. “We spend time on each project,” says Simon. “We get to know you, understand what you want from your pool, and learn what your dreams and aspirations are. That way we can design the pool around you and your lifestyle.”

Excerpt from Rolls Royce Owners Magazine 2016


Caring for the environment

We only use products and systems that have high eco ratings



Included with every pool:

A pool filter that reduces pool water wastage and improves water quality

An efficient pool cover which reduces water escape


DSC03517 (2).JPG


High grade insulation

A high rating condensing boiler

Variable speed filtration pump

Premium LED lighting

You could also include solar panels and other products to make further savings.




We use natural and recycled/recyclable products where possible

Stainless steel looks great and is a wonderful example of a sustainable product, it is 100% recyclable with a long life and even helps to purify water

We ensure all our timber on site is from FSC/PEFC sustainable sources

All of our cardboard packaging is recycled.


We advocate the use of low chemical systems such as ozone and UV which are kinder to the bather and the environment while being cheaper and easier to administer.


Your pool is a solid structure that with proper care and maintenance will be your oasis for many years and you may use it for different purposes over those years. We are happy to talk to you about building in future capacity even if you don’t want to make use of those extras now. You can also change the aesthetic to suit - easily change/update the decor such as adding water features and replacing tiling.